JEFFERSON, Colo. (KDVR) — As Colorado deals with its latest round of gusting winds, firefighters say people here should prepare for an even tougher time with wildfires.

There are concerns Colorado could soon experience more wildfires like those in California.

“The East Troublesome fire in 2020 is a great example, an unfortunate example, of wildfire conditions moving into Colorado,” Inter Canyon Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Dan Hatlestad said. “That fire burned 100,000 acres in 24 hours. That’s a growth and intensity of fire typically seen in California.”

Hatlestad said Colorado is seeing more intense wildfires because of drought conditions.

There are also more homes being built on the Wildland Urban Interface.

Ironically, more fires are being put out, which also creates yet another problem.

“We see a tremendous build-up of the underbrush, and that suppression of the fire means that growth is going to continue and have a constant build-up of fuel,” Hatlestad said.