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DENVER — A former principal at Wyatt Academy is suing the school and Denver Public Schools, alleging her firing was the result of unlawful racial discrimination.

Riley signed a contract to be the K-5 principal at the school at 3620 Franklin St. in April 2017.

She and three other employees were placed on administrative leave in May 2018 after a video surfaced of a fight on the playground.

The fight happened in April and school administration was notified right away, but Denver Public Schools didn’t know about it until May 17, 2018.

After an investigation, Riley was fired on July 28, 2018. Riley, who is white, said Wyatt’s board of directors replaced her with a black man.

Riley is seeking injunctive relief and appropriate damages and costs.

“Her allegations are absolutely untrue,” the school said in a statement. “Ms. Riley’s race had nothing to do with the Board’s decision. The Board stands by its decision.”

Wyatt Academy released the following statement:

“The Wyatt Academy Board of Directors just learned this morning that its former principal, Kristina Riley, has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that the School fired her in July 2018 due to racial discrimination. Her allegations are absolutely untrue. Ms. Riley’s race had nothing to do with the Board’s decision.

The Board stands by its decision. Further, it hopes the lawsuit won’t be a distraction to the beginning of the School year, which has gotten off to a great start. One particularly bright spot is the fact that Wyatt Academy had the highest CMAS Math and ELA combined student growth for any school in all of Denver Public Schools for the 2018-2019 school year.”