DENVER METRO, Colo. (KDVR) — While fire danger is high along the Front Range and Eastern Plains, individual counties have issued fire restrictions to prepare/prevent a blaze from sparking.

Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock enacted an ordinance Thursday restricting open fires, open burning, and the use of fireworks in the unincorporated areas of Douglas County. Some exceptions are allowed, but generally, no open, uncontrolled burning is allowed.

Adams County

Adams County tweeted that the National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for the county effective 11 a.m. through 9 p.m. Friday and for residents to stay safe.

Arapahoe County

A stage 2 open burn ban has been issued for unincorporated Arapahoe County, Centennial, Foxfield, and Deer Trail.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff posted these guidelines on the site: No fireworks or any other outdoor fires including, but not limited to, campfires, fires in constructed, permanent fire pits; fire grates within developed camp and picnic grounds and recreation sites; charcoal fueled fires, warming fires, fires in outdoor wood-burning stoves (chimney sparks or embers); the prescribed burning of fence lines, fence rows, fields, farmlands, rangelands, wildlands, trash, and debris.

Boulder County

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle issued Stage 1 fire restrictions for all unincorporated parts of the county effective Thursday afternoon. This prohibits:

  • Building, maintaining, attending, or using an open fire, campfire or stove fire (including charcoal barbecues and grills) on public land;
  • The sale, use and possession of fireworks, including permissible fireworks;
  • Shooting or discharging firearms for recreational purposes, except for hunting with a valid and current hunting license on public land;
  • Smoking, except in an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable materials;
  • Operating a chainsaw without a USDA or SAE-approved spark arrester properly installed and in effective working order. A chemical, pressurized fire-extinguisher must be kept with the operator, and at least one round-point shovel with an overall length of at least 35 inches must be readily available for use;
  • Welding or operating an acetylene or other open-flame torch, except in cleared areas of at least 10 feet in diameter, and with a chemical, pressurized fire-extinguisher immediately available for use; 
  • Using an explosive; and
  • Parking motorized vehicles in grass or vegetated areas that can come in contact with the underside of the vehicle.

Clear Creek County

Clear Creek County included a ban on shooting in its temporary restrictions issued effective noon Thursday for high fire danger.

Jefferson County

Stage 1 fire restrictions have been implemented for all lands in Jefferson County effective Wednesday evening. The county website lists those restrictions as:

  • Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area of at least six feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all combustible material.
  • Open burning, including bonfires, requires a permit from the fire authority having jurisdiction.
  • Building, maintaining, attending, or using any fire or recreational campfire, except a recreational fire within a permanently constructed fire grate in a developed park, campground, private residence, or picnic area.   

Jeffco noted that “private residential recreational campfires exempted as described above are encouraged to contact their local fire agency and advise start and finish times to alleviate smoke check responses.”

Arvada Fire and West Metro Fire tweeted warnings about dry conditions and Jeffco’s fire restrictions.

Fire danger: Pinpoint Weather Alert Day on Friday

The Pinpoint Weather Team has issued a Pinpoint Weather Alert Day for Friday, specifically afternoon east of Denver, citing:

  • Strong wind
  • Dry fuels
  • Low relative humidity values
  • Near-record heat

The biggest concerns are open burning and cigarette/smoking material disposal, the team pointed out. Also, keep in mind if you see suspicious behavior, report it to authorities.

Fines, charges possible from violations

DougCo’s website lists the punishment for violating the ordinance as a Class-2 Petty Offense, with a fine of up to $1,000.00 and a $10.00 surcharge.

Jeffco is a bit more lenient with a fine of no more than $600 possible in the violation of the county ordinance.

A charge of fourth-degree arson, reckless endangerment or unlawful conduct on private or public property are possible violations of the Clear Creek County ordinance in place.