LYONS, Colo. (KDVR) — A dog grooming salon in Lyons is now boarded up after a fire tore through the shop on Thursday.

“I watched as it burned,” said Jenae Sigg, the owner of Lovely By Nature Dog Grooming.

Sigg said that on Thursday, she was in her shop grooming a golden retriever when someone from a neighboring shop ran to her door telling her the building was on fire.

“I lost everything besides my scissors, my life and the dog’s life,” Sigg said.

She said she got out and put the only dog in the salon at the time in her car and drove up the street. She said she watched heartbroken as smoke and fire took over.

“It sounds like there was a lamp and a shelf fell over in the basement, then it just spread really quick just engulfed the whole building,” Sigg said.

FOX31 and Channel 2 reached out to the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office to learn the cause of the fire and are waiting to hear back.

The difficult journey to business ownership

Sigg said her concept of grooming was different than other shops.

“Instead of six to 10 dogs a day, I do three to five. I don’t do kennels and I use eco-products. It was very sacred what was happening,” Sigg said.

The salon opened just a year ago and Sigg said it wasn’t an easy journey getting there.

“I’m a single mom of six. I had been married for 12 years then got divorced due to alcohol issues so I took my kids. We camped, we’ve been homeless,” Sigg said.

She said finally last year her salon came to fruition after a lot of hard work and help from pandemic stimulus checks.

“It’s a lot like the American dream story you hear about,” Sigg said.

Her family has launched a GoFundMe account to help her get back on her feet and buy all the equipment she needs to start grooming again.

“I’m grateful to be alive I’m glad the dog is alive,” Sigg said.

Sigg said she does have insurance but doesn’t know how much they will cover.