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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A fire completely destroyed a house in the Roxborough neighborhood on Saturday, according to the West Metro Fire Department.

Officials said the blaze started from a propane tank hose leak on a grill at the residence in the10300 block of Totem Run around 6:15 p.m. The leaked gas ignited under the covered deck where the grill was located and flames spread quickly to the house.

“It was a huge fire, and when the crews got there the house was fully involved,” said Rhonda Scholting from WMFD. “I would have to guess, they were getting ready to cook dinner.”

West Metro said two people were in the house at the time but got out safely. Part of the home collapsed at one point, making it unsafe for firefighters to enter. Crews are attacking the blaze from the outside.

“Make sure your propane grills are in working order, this could have been some sort of fluke, but I have not seen any recalls out there now,” said Scholting. 

While the fire was ruled accidental, there’s ways to prevent these types of devastating fires from happening. The National Institute of Health told FOX31, on an average day about four million gas grills are used across the United States. It’s important to remember to keep all burner ports and the gas supplies free of rust or dirt. Make sure to leak test all the fittings that run from the propane tank to the barbeque and never check for leaks with an open flame.

When using a propane grill, keep the lid on the grill open. Never move the grill after it’s been lit and keep it away from combustible surfaces, like a wood deck. 

West Metro said the fire did not spread to other properties and there were no injuries.