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DENVER (KDVR) — A list put out this week highlighted a Denver vintage shop’s street cred, counting them amongst the “who’s who” of stores that specialize in breathing life into a former generation’s creations.

Yelp’s “Top 25 Vintage and Consignment Shops in America,” released on Tuesday, named Fifty-Two ’80s: A Totally Awesome Shop in Denver as the ninth-best consignment shop in the country, according to reviews compiled on the business-reviewing platform.

Upon arriving at the other end of the mouse click that takes you to their surprisingly detailed homepage, visitors are immediately met with a Miami Vice-esque scheme and pop-up notifications that inform the reader of fun facts from before the Berlin Wall was brought down a peg.

Located at 1874 S. Broadway, Fifty-Two ’80s offers visitors the chance to see Garbage Pail Kids memorabilia, Street Shark figurines and Q*bert board games all under the same roof.

What could be argued as a mission statement can be found in their “about” section, where they implore the public to visit, “whether you are an 80’s kid, a parent of an 80’s kid, or someone who just likes totally cool things, you will love this store.”

When they get a larger assortment of clothing, toys, knick-knacks and the like, they can create a more dedicated section within the store. With that in mind, it is easy to understand that the Denver Broncos memorabilia section is a sight to behold, consisting of out-of-production and rarified fan flare.

So, even if treasures from the ’80s aren’t enough to get you up and moving, then hopefully the opportunity to rework your superstition-drenched gameday attire (which if we’re being honest with ourselves didn’t really seem to work last season) is enough to motivate you to delve into the past for future fortune.

Intentional reliance on local business and a lack of online sales discourage the desktop-surfing serial flippers of these antiquities and instead look to instill a permanent reminder of a time a bit more riddled in hair spray and arguably a bit less tumultuous.

Other top-spot snaggers on this ranked list include vintage clothing stores in San Diego, Houston and Portland, a thrifty yard sale of a store in Fort Lauderdale, and a nifty Nashville guitar hospital of sorts, but the only Colorado business on the list still manages to be the only one with such a unique approach to vintage merchanting.