FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KDVR) – A day after the death of Fountain police officer Julian Becerra, a community gathered to remember the man for his service.

Becerra fell from a 40-foot bridge while pursuing a carjacking suspect near Colorado Springs on February 2nd.

Among those who honored Becerra was Zoe Patterson.

“I almost cried, I just didn’t want to,” Zoe said, “just because I was like, ‘oh my god, I knew him, I know him!'”

His name was Julian Becerra, but fifth grader Zoe knew him as Officer Julian.

She saw on the news he’d been hurt.

“My arms just got goosebumps and stuff, I was like, ‘I really hope he makes it,'” Zoe said.

Zoe is an admirer of those who serve, her mother said, and especially Officer Julian.

“The first time, it was in third grade,” Zoe said, “he came to my school, Eagleside Elementary.”

Zoe left a teddy bear and card at his memorial, remembering when she saw firsthand, the quality of his service.

“He just came, to like, outside. It was actually lucky because no one wanted to play with me at that time, at recess,” Zoe said.

She was a third grader, sitting alone at recess, who made a new friend.

“He saw me sitting on the yellow curb and he decided,” Zoe said, “he asked if I wanted to play hide and seek and I said sure.”

His small act of kindness made an impact Zoe said she’ll never forget.

“It made me feel, like really happy because he was the only [one] who played with me and I didn’t really have any friends at that time in this grade,” Zoe said.

Becerra is survived by his wife and two children.

The City of Fountain said arrangements are being made for his funeral services.