DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado charities are preparing for summer wildfires and also answering the continued need for assistance in Ukraine.

Denver Foundation, CEO Javier Soto tells FOX31, “People get in that wave when there’s a lot of media attention initially, but the struggles continue whether it’s a natural disaster like a wildfire here in Colorado or what’s going on in Ukraine.”

Unfortunately, charity scams are on the rise, and the FBI and the Denver Foundation are urging everyone to be aware of the red flags.

“Ultimately, it hurts people who are most in need,” said Soto.

One in three Americans say they’ve been tricked into handing over money to scammers reaching out by phone and email, 19% have done it more than once.

A Truecaller study shows those who fall for phone scams lose an average of 500 dollars, with 60 percent being lured in by robocalls.

The Denver Foundation is working to help those who want to safely support others who are struggling.

“Working with a trusted organization that is properly registered and certified that is doing what they say they are going to do is absolutely critical,” said Soto, who recommends visiting to check out an organization’s proof of registration with the IRS and financial information.

The Denver Foundation provides links to trusted organizations like the American Red cross
and Project Cure.

Soto explains Project Cure is “a Denver based organization that provides medical supplies around the world and has been working with Ukraine for many, many years, and Voices of Children, which has been working to address the needs of children within Ukraine.”

The FBI warns, to be aware of demands to send donations to cryptocurrency addresses and to never click on links in unsolicited texts or emails asking for money.