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DENVER (KDVR) — The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating after a laser was repeatedly pointed at a Denver news helicopter Thursday night.

A spokesperson for the Denver Police Department confirms their helicopter, which was monitoring the protests, was also hit with a laser. 

Pointing a laser at a helicopter or plane is a federal crime.

Photojournalist Angel Rosado was inside the news chopper when he first noticed the bright light. 

“It was really clear that they were aiming for us,” says Rosado. 

Rosado says it appeared the person was using two hands to direct a large laser.

“When these lasers hit your cockpit, it refracts, and it fills your entire cockpit with green light for a moment, kind of blinding light, for a moment,” Rosado said.

Denver police quickly responded to the home in question, before turning the case over to the FBI.

At this point, the FBI says it’s still gathering information, and no arrests have been made. 

It’s not the first time SkyFOX has been hit with a laser. 

In 2016, an Arvada man was arrested for pointing a laser at the chopper.