DENVER (KDVR) — A new report released ahead of the holiday season revealed which sides each state likes the most, and Coloradans were very nearly unique in their choice.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Campbell’s Soup Company, asked residents of each state which side they liked the most. A majority of states preferred mashed potatoes, but that wasn’t the case in the Centennial State.

Coloradans pinned bread as their favorite side at the dinner table. Only one other state, Florida, had the same love for carbs, with bread tied with root vegetable dishes in that state.

A few other states had some unique results as well. Alabama was the only state that showed love for yams and sweet potatoes, Oregon and Connecticut were the only states where a majority of residents preferred Green Bean Casserole, and Virginia and Illinois were the only states where salad was the preferred side dish.

In the case of Connecticut and Illinois, however, the results were also tied with another dish: Root vegetable dishes for Connecticut and mashed potatoes for Illinois, according to the poll.

The second-most popular side dish overall was stuffing/dressing, with mac and cheese coming in at no. 3.

According to the results, a vast majority — 67% — of Americans prefer side dishes to the main entree and 54% of Americans said they would be content with only sides on their plate.

Over half of Americans, or 59%, said they planned to attend Friendsgiving this year, and 44% of people said they can be more creative with Friendsgiving dishes than at traditional family Thanksgiving.