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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — The father of three people killed at a mass shooting in Colorado Springs said his family is having a hard time dealing with the devastating loss. 

Seven people are dead including the suspected gunman. Police continue trying to piece together what happened at the home. 

Late Monday afternoon, there were emotional moments as family members of the six people who were killed came to see a growing memorial outside the home where it happened in Colorado Springs.

Juan Alfredo Herrera is the father of Jose, Sandra and Mayra. “We are very sad and having a very hard time dealing with this,” said Herrera. 

Neighbors like Denise Koll brought purple and white flowers and placed them in front of the mobile home. 

“It’s just really hard it hits close to home. I feel really bad for these people. It was just devastating there are so many kids and families in here,” said Koll. 

Investigators say a family was having a birthday party when the boyfriend of a woman in the house walked in and began shooting and then shot himself. 

One of the bullets went flying into the next door neighbor’s bedroom.

“I crawled from my room to the back room and woke my friend up and told her shots fired. A whole bunch of kids came flying out and one of them was like Mom? Mom! And the urgency in that kid’s voice was like was terrible,” said Jay who lives next door. 

Another neighbor saw those same kids in trouble and heard them screaming for help. 

Across the street Diego heard the gunshots. 

“It was pretty tragic, I mean I kind of knew the family. It kinda hit me personally. It’s a tragedy,” said Diego. 

Jay said he was so frightened he started flipping off all the lights that he could find that were on and shut all the windows. 

Colorado Springs Police are expected to hold a news conference tomorrow.