LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — A 6-year-old boy was left covered in blood, requiring multiple surgeries after he was mauled by two dogs at a park in Lakewood.

It happened on Wednesday while the family was on vacation, visiting relatives and friends in the city. They had only been in town for two days when the attack happened.

A report has been filed with Lakewood Police, and FOX31 is still waiting on word about the fate of the dogs that were involved.

Perla Inungarai-Anderson is a mother of four from Mexico. She was on vacation in Denver with her youngest daughter and 6-year-old son, Diego.

“We go to the park, he loves going to parks and my sister would take him to the pool,” Inungarai-Anderson said.

Last Wednesday, his aunt was taking care of him and his sister.

“She took them to the park so they wouldn’t think so much about what happened,” Inungarai-Anderson said.

Their vacation, a distraction from a recent family tragedy, when another would strike. This one in the form of a dog attack on little Diego by two huskies on the way to a nearby park, Inungarai-Anderson said.

“I wanted to die,” she said. “I didn’t know his condition because his face was covered in blood, he was screaming.”

Diego needed medical care for slashes and bites across his face, around his eyes and even on his shoulder.

He is back to being a normal, happy 6-year-old, but his recovery will last a while.

“One setback after another, but I have him with me, alive, thanks to God,” Inungarai-Anderson said.

Just a month before this mauling, Diego and his family lost his father, who committed suicide back in Mexico.

“It was an awful thing that we didn’t at all expect,” Inungarai-Anderson said.

A fundraiser was set up for Diego.

The family’s Visa expires in October, but little Diego has months of physical therapy and at least one more surgery left.