HENDERSON, Colo. (KDVR) — An Adams County animal sanctuary has raised enough money to purchase the property next door, following a FOX31 story Wednesday night. 

The Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary has been dealing with significant flooding this summer and has been trying to buy the foreclosed land next door to alleviate the problem. 

Director Andrea Davis said an illegal, 5-foot berm built on the property next door has been pushing water back into the sanctuary. 

They’ve been hoping to buy the property, but with a closing date approaching quickly, they were $10,000 short. 

“We’re asking the public to do something huge for us, and I know it’s a big ask,” Davis said Wednesday. “Hopefully we can make up that shortage by Friday, close on the property, and it’s ours forever.”

Within minutes of the story airing Wednesday, Davis said the donations started coming in. 

“All of a sudden, my phone just started dinging, dinging, dinging every time something was run, my phone would start dinging again with donations coming in through the website,” she said. “The response from the community after the story aired was so tremendous. I am so touched. I can’t tell you the amount of emails that had me crying because there was so much kindness.”

Davis said they still need to close on the property, but the hard part of raising the money is done. 

She said viewers actually cleared the $10,000 mark, meaning there will be some leftover money to rehabilitate the new property.

“This is going to offer us rotational grazing, more space for all the animals over here, and doing lots more enrichment stuff we haven’t been able to do,” she said. “Toys for the goats to play on, fencing, playgrounds, there’s so much stuff we’ll be able to do.”