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SUPERIOR, Colo. (KDVR) — Exactly one year ago this weekend, a grass fire started in Boulder County.

That fire would turn into a raging inferno, incinerating more than 1000 structures. Since then, some families have started rebuilding homes and moving back in. However, many are still waiting to get permits and break ground.

One of those families lost five homes in Superior and is still waiting on permits to begin building.

“Even to come out here, I still can’t believe it. Not until we see some progress I guess, we don’t want to think about it,” Elsie Chavez said.

“We’re excited to think about it to redo our homes. So it’s going to be fun to start again. I guess.” Chavez family member Carmen Aranda said.

The Chavez family lost five homes altogether on that dreadful New Year’s Eve 2021. Teddy Chavez has taken the lead in helping get permits to rebuild his loved ones’ homes.

“I am putting the house back right where the hole is at. So, everything is marked out and we just need the rigs out here and the permit to start digging,” Teddy Chavez said.

Chavez is building a custom ranch home. It will have 1800 square feet with a porch he can’t wait to sit on.

“I didn’t believe it would take us this long to put a house up. They said it’s going to be about a two-year project. There’s no way I believed that. But now I can,” Teddy Chavez added.

Chavez has been fighting hard for a new place to live. He’s a tough and grateful man.

“I just want to thank everybody thank everybody again for all the help they have been giving us in support,” Teddy Chavez said.

What seems to be in the middle of nowhere stands an American flag. It is Teddy’s flag that will still be there when his home is complete.

The Chavez family says they are expecting their permits at any moment.