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GREELEY, Colo. (KDVR) — The father of a Greeley woman found dead in her car back in August spoke publicly about her death and her family’s ongoing pursuit of justice.

Angie Vega’s father, Elmer Vega, said he’s frustrated the family has to wait for justice. The defense lawyers want to evaluate the suspect’s mental state before the court process moves forward.

“We know he’s not crazy, we do not agree with that,” Vega said. “We want there to be justice.”

Back in August, 22-year-old Angie Vega was closing up the nutrition store where she worked in Greeley. Police were called to check on her after she was reported missing.

The store was covered in blood, her car was found at a gas station minutes from the store and her body was inside.

The man arrested for her murder is 24-year-old Marcos Vallejos.

Vallejos’ defense attorneys want more time to assess his mental state. Meanwhile, Vega’s father wants the law to issue justice for his daughter.

“We just need to wait on the results from the evaluation and hope they are in our favor in order to try him and hand him his punishment,” Vega’s uncle, Fabian Vega, said. “What we want the most is for him to get the punishment he deserves.”

“We remember her every day. She was happy. My daughter was a happy person until this person came and took her life,” Elmer said.

Vallejos faces a first-degree murder charge in addition to a sexual assault charge.