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LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — A destructive house fire burned up three homes in Littleton last Sunday and several pets remain unaccounted for. One family spent their Christmas searching for their dog Katara. 

Three homes caught fire last Sunday, one of them is Tim Woodward’s home of nearly 30 years. Woodward’s daughter Jacqui said she doesn’t live there permanently but was out of town so her parents were dog-sitting Katara when the fire broke out.  

“It’s just devastating. It’s just our safe place before us like this, almost always where we come like we can escape and get to be together,” Jacqui Woodward said.  

“It was unbelievable. The moment I couldn’t wrap my head around it to this day. It’s very difficult for me to wrap my head around,” Woodward said. 

The fire turned almost everything to ash, sparing just a few items. 

“There were a couple of things that really were heavy on my heart to get,” Woodward said. “One of them was my wife’s wedding ring. She takes it off at night. It was sitting on her dresser and so yeah, I did throw a ladder up there and kind of dig through the rubble and I was able to. I was fortunate to find a needle in a  haystack.”

One thing is missing though, his daughter Jacqui’s German shepherd.   

(Photo: Jacqui Woodward)

“So Katara is the last piece for us. If we could find her, then we could take our steps forward,” Woodward said.   

Jacqui adopted the 1-year-old German Shepherd pup Katara about eight months ago. 

They know Katara made it out of the house the night of the fire (Dec. 19) because on Christmas Eve several neighbors spotted her near Waterton Canyon.

“A local volunteer group actually is helping us, Paw Retrievers. So they’ve been coming out. They made us all the flyers. They’ve posted the neon signs on major roads. They set up two cameras for us to catch a movement,” Jacqui said. 

Jacqui and her family are just asking people in the Roxborough area to look through grassy areas and under decks. They’ve put signs up all around the neighborhood asking people to call if they see their dog.  

“She’s just our little baby,” Jacqui said. “She’s our world and we just basically like a longing we feel right now to bring her home.” 

The family asks that you do not approach the dog since she is skittish but to just take a picture of the dog and call 763-691-4485.