JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — The three 18-year-olds sat in the jury box just feet from each other during the hearing Wednesday afternoon.

This was the first time they had seen each other since they were arrested in connection to the deadly rock-throwing crime spree in Jefferson and Boulder counties that killed a 20-year-old woman. They have been kept separately in the jail so they wouldn’t be able to share information.

Some legal analysts believe the Jefferson County District Attorney has a strong case with the first-degree murder charges.

“I think they can prove that. I believe they feel very strongly about it and they don’t want to back down from their position,” MSU Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology Denise Mowder said. 

Mowder said the prosecutors don’t have to prove the suspects intended to murder or cause death. They just have to prove the action is able to cause death or injury to someone.

Alexa Bartell’s family was in the courtroom Wednesday just feet from the suspects. It was the first time they saw them in person. 

The district attorney is trying the trio for assaults on several other victims. Legal analysts said the additional victims will help prove the men’s indifference to people’s lives. Former Denver prosecutor Craig Silverman was in the courtroom as well.

“The majority of cases end with a plea bargain but I’m not sure that will happen here given the number of victims. We shall see how the evidence plays out,” Silverman said. 

Legal analysts said the men may try to claim they didn’t know rocks were being thrown.

Shortly after being arrested the men gave investigators details about the night Bartell was killed and mentioned a photo was taken of her car after it crashed. 

Bartell’s family did not leave through the courtroom’s public entrance at least while FOX31’s cameras were there.

Attorneys for the suspects and the DA said they had no comment Wednesday. The next hearing is set for May 16.