AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – Officials with the Aurora Police Department said a teen killed himself following a road rage incident involving an off-duty officer, but now, that teen’s family is saying things aren’t adding up.

APD said 16-year-old Octavius Greenwood shot at an off-duty police officer on Thursday. However, family members have said that everything that’s happened just doesn’t make sense nor does it align with the young man they knew.

According to APD, Greenwood was allegedly in the passenger seat during the road rage incident, while his brother drove. This is what officials said led to the eventual chase and gunfire aimed at the officer.

Greenwood’s family is now confused and hurting. His cousin, Charish King, said “he was a very young active, ambitious young man. He was looking forward to graduating high school and looking forward to furthering his education and was looking into going to college.”

Police said Greenwood fired his weapon on I-225. Officials were able to identify the driver which was his brother, Jaquay Wyrick, and took him into custody. Greenwood, however, barricaded himself inside an apartment.

Officers tried to make contact in order to negotiate but were ultimately unsuccessful.

Officers allegedly fired a foam projectile against the side of the apartment building and shortly after, they heard the sound of a gunshot from inside.

The family claims there are inconsistencies, for example, how Greenwood’s parents weren’t notified of the situation.

They claim the shots were fired at the apartment instead of the siding. Additionally, there was a four-hour delay from the time police said the sound of the gunshot came from inside the apartment and when swat went inside.

Greenwood’s aunt, Shanty Demmer, said “why did it take so long to go out and get him and get his body… Was he afraid? You’re saying it was a suicide, but this young man is not going to kill himself even in the situation.”

According to APD, they don’t generally make immediate entry after hearing shots in a barricade situation.

“If the person firing the gun did not use it to complete suicide, then the officers are forcing a confrontation with an armed individual. Instead, they chose to continue negotiations and try to get in contact with the subject to bring the situation to a peaceful resolution,” an official with APD said.

Still, the family is asking why more wasn’t done before it came to gunfire.

“Why was SWAT called in, we want these things answered and you know what mental health looked like in that situation for a child. Why was he not helped? I think it was just extremely unfair,” King said.

APD did not comment further stating the pending criminal case against Wyrick and the sensitivity of the case.