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LAS CRUCES, N.M. (KDVR) — The body of 25-year-old Alexis Baca was found at Realization Point last Sunday in Boulder County.

Lexi, as her family called her, was traveling to the Denver area from New Mexico where she and her family were from.

She leaves behind her mother, other relatives and 1-year-old daughter.

Margo Baca, Lexi’s mother, spoke exclusively with FOX31 and said she spoke with Lexi days before she was found dead.

“I just told her to be careful and let me know how she was doing on the way back home,” Baca said.

Lexi planned to go back to New Mexico after traveling through Colorado with a friend. Investigators in Boulder County are treating her death as a homicide.

“That’s the worst thing that a mother could receive,” Baca said. “Nobody wants to ever get that call or get that visit that your child is dead.”

Her mother said Lexi was known for her laughter and caring nature.

“Lexi was my only child, she was my everything,” Baca said.

Her death was made even worse for her family who said she didn’t deserve to be left the way she was.

“Just knowing that you weren’t there to help, nobody was there to help her. She was alone,” Baca said.

Lexi leaves behind a 1-year-old daughter who will be left in the care of her family including Lexi’s cousin, Leah Pena, who was like a sister to her.

“Her mother loved her very much, and she was just a very special person. I’ll make sure to keep those memories alive,” Pena said.

Lexi’s mother told FOX31 there have been several people questioned in connection with her death, but there are still many questions left unanswered.