DENVER (KDVR) — The father of a teenager who was shot and killed near East High School fought back tears as he made a plea for more security at the school.

All of Luis Garcia’s family appeared at a news conference at a time when the district is attempting to revamp its long-term security plan.

The family surrounded Luis’ father, Santos Garcia, as he spoke about his son, who was shot and killed in front of East High School.

They were carrying signs with Luis’ picture, written in Spanish that they are demanding answers.

“Every day, I wake up and I look out the window to see if I see my son on birthdays and on Mother’s Day. They are not the same anymore,” Santos Garcia said.

Garcia was just a few turns away from the school when he was shot and killed in February.

Then in March, there was a shooting on the school’s campus, injuring two deans. The suspect, a high school student, shot and killed himself.

There was an uproar for more security at East High School and other Denver schools.

“All the adults in charge that are supposed to make schools safe failed my brother. No type of security or protection,” Luis’ sister Jovana said.

The family said they notified Denver Public Schools, the school board and Denver of their intent to sue for wrongful death.  

“How could this happen? What is Denver Public Schools’ school board going to do in the future to avert a tragedy such as this? The Garcias want those who they believe are responsible to be held accountable,” Garcia family attorney Matthew Barringer said.

FOX31 asked Luis’ father specifically what he’d like to do when it came to more security.

“See the security that is 200 feet from us? That’s the security I’m talking about that we want,” Garcia said. He pointed to a patrol in front of East High School.

FOX31 reached out to both Denver and Denver Public Schools. Neither had a comment.

To be clear, so far only a notice to sue has been filed. A full-blown lawsuit could come within the next two months, according to the family attorney.