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AURORA, Colo. — Families touched by the Aurora theater shooting are turning to help those impacted by the latest massacre that happened in Texas.

Anita Bush recently was in Las Vegas to help families suffering from familiar devastation. Bush’s cousin Micayla Medek was killed in the Aurora theater shooting in 2012.

Fifty-six people were killed during an outdoor concert on the Las Vegas Strip. One month later, it happened again, this time at a church in a small town outside of San Antonio.

“I just think of all these families, devastated, yet again,” Bush said.

She is part of a network of families that have been impacted by mass shootings over the past 18 years.

Together, they helped create the National Compassion Fund. It’s an organization that collects money for victims of mass casualties, and distributes it to them.

At the moment, the fund is overwhelmed with families in Las Vegas.

“We have done this over and over again. We wish we never had a need for a compassion fund or any other way to do this,” Bush said.

The group she is part of is turning to GoFundMe to help those in Texas.

A group of the tragically connected families created a video message in hopes people will respond.

Las Vegas families can also be helped through the National Compassion Fund website.