LOUISVILLE, Colo. (KDVR) — A family is breaking ground on its new home after losing the old one in the Marshall Fire, but this isn’t just any rebuild.  

The Delaware family calls it their “Idea Home.” 

The Idea Home took shape after the home of Louie Delaware, the founder and president of The Living in Place Institute, was among those destroyed in the fire.  

“It’s a phoenix rising from the ashes, literally,” Delaware said. “We are making a new home that is going to be very functional and anyone that comes to visit us.”   

The Living in Place Institute promotes accessible, healthy, safe homes designed to meet people’s needs as they age or confront other challenges in life. Delaware said the Idea Home is focused on promoting that concept. 

“For example, there’s no steps into the house which is a foreign concept for more residential homes,” Delaware said. “We’re doing all sorts of other features inside the house that make it so much easier for everyone to function inside the home.”

Designer Barbara Barton said she’s been working on the project with the Delaware family for quite some time. 

“The Idea Home was to combine a lot of different manufactured products that are key elements that are making a home accessible for everyone, safe and healthy,” Barton said. 

She said they’re hoping to inspire others to add specific features that make living easier and increase their chances of staying put as time goes on. 

“Little did we know an opportunity like the Marshall Fire would open the door for being able to show everyone, builders, consumers, designers, contractors all the aspects that go from head to toe that make a home living in place,” Barton said. 

The rebuilt home will stage a series of events and workshops to promote the concept of “living in place” before the Delaware family moves back in.  

“We want to show others that this is the way all homes should be built,” Delaware said. 

Delaware said the institute also trains housing and other professionals key elements to making a home functional for everyone.