DENVER (KDVR) — A family is looking for help after their trailer was stolen from a RiNo street on Saturday.

The trailer contained most of their belongings after moving to Denver from Montana.

The Agemy family arrived Monday. Less than a week later, on Saturday, they said their trailer was stolen in broad daylight.

“We’ve been talking about moving out west, moving to Colorado for years now,” Seth Agemy said.

Getting to Denver was a goal accomplished for Agemy, his wife and his young son.

“So I got a job working at the airport. At the beginning of this week we were looking for an apartment,” Agemy said.

He said his wife is a nurse and is looking for a job herself, inching ever closer to settling down.

Most of their belongings were packed in the trailer, which Agemy parked outside of his brother’s home in RiNo.

“We had it out parked on the corner, and I had to wheels chained up I had it all locked up,” Agemy said.

Agemy went outside to check on it Saturday afternoon and it was gone.

“First thing I did was I said well maybe what happened was for some reason the trailer got impounded,” Agemy said.

That cautious conclusion would eventually become a confirmation of something worse: the trailer was stolen.

“I found the lock on the ground from the trailer so somebody had came and cut the locks off,” Agemy said.

A report was filed with Denver Police but Agemy said he isn’t sure why anyone would want his family’s household items.

“Our clothes, our kitchen stuff, all of that random stuff that just adds up but isn’t really worth much to someone else, so yeah, it’s pretty devastating,” Agemy said.

Agemy is a mechanic by trade and he said his tools were also in the trailer.

Anyone with information about the trailer is asked to call the Denver Police Department.