Family catches people stealing sign from roadside memorial on hidden camera

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AURORA, Colo. — After losing her brother David Merical in a motorcycle crash in Aurora in April, Ashley Rodgers and her family have dedicated a lot of time to bringing awareness to motorcycle safety.

On the corner of Iliff Avenue and South Naples Way, there are a teddy bear, flowers and a small cross at the corner where Merical died.

There should be a sign there too. The problem is, someone keeps targeting it and taking it down.

“I was kind of in disbelief and I tried to think, well was it the wind?” Rodgers said.

The first time, Rodgers thought it was accidental, but after making a second sign and seeing it disappear, she knew someone was doing this intentionally.

Before hanging up a third sign, the family planted a hidden camera on one of the street signs near the intersection.

Late Saturday night, it captured images of two men and a woman reading the sign, ripping it off and running away.

“I was disgusted,” Rodgers said. “They look at the person who was killed there, and then they just disrespect the memorial anyway.”

A city of Aurora spokesman said the city doesn’t interfere with roadside memorials unless there is a hazard such as broken glass or open flames.

The property owner said she hasn’t taken anything down.

The message of “Look twice, save a life” is important to Rodgers, but now she’s hoping whoever did this gets a new message.

“Maybe they’ll feel ashamed of their behavior,” Rodgers said.

The Aurora Police Department said it will be working with the family and following up.

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