FAA says landing gear collapsed on United flight at DIA


DENVER– The Federal Aviation Administration says the left main landing gear of United Airlines flight 2429 collapsed while the plane was on its landing roll on Runway 17R at Denver International Airport

The flight made the rough landing at Denver International Airport just after 7:00 p.m. Sunday.

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The flight was a scheduled flight from Newark.

No injuries were reported.

The conversations below were recorded between United Airlines flight 2429 and Denver Tower Air traffic control:

United Airlines 2429: United 2429, I think we blew a tire, send the trucks out. I don’t know if we’ve got a fire out here, we’re just going to go straight.

Tower: United 2429 – approved as requested

Tower: Southwest 3934 go around. Climb and maintain niner thousand parallel the runway left side, disabled aircraft’s on the runway.

Tower: United 2429 and uh, what kind of assistance do you want? You want the trucks pulled right now, correct?

United 2429: Affirmative I don’t know if, I think we’ve blown a tire or maybe even possibly a gear.

Tower: United 2429 and if able request fuel and souls.

Unsure who maybe rescue?:: confirm left side gear is down

United Airlines 2429: …we’ve shut the motors down, um. We’ve had a pilot jump-seated that went back as well and saw some smoke, just white smoke but no fire so I don’t think we’re going to evac (voices squelched over) possibly to kind of bring us back in somehow.

United Airlines 2429: Ok, so we’re just going to disembank…I guess this side of 1L with some air stairs, right?

Rachel Rivas, a spokesperson from United Airlines, told FOX31 Sunday evening that, "United flight 2429 from Newark, New Jersey to Denver experienced a mechanical issue upon landing. All customers have been bussed to the terminal where our customer service teams are currently assisting them.  The aircraft has been taken out of service and is being inspected by our maintenance teams."

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