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DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver woman living in an extended stay hotel is fearful that mold in her unit is making her sick.

The question is: Can the laws protecting renters’ rights also protect those staying in hotels for more than just a few days?

Yaleca Shelby told FOX31 a blackish-brownish film exists on the ceiling of her bathroom and she fears she is having a bad reaction to the substance, which appears to be mold.

“I’ve been coughing a lot,” she said. 

The Problem Solvers notified the management, which told us they will move occupants to another room while repairs are made.

Do extended stay hotel guests have renters rights?

Attorney Eric Nesbitt told FOX31 that, while the laws that protect those in standard apartments and rental homes are not applied to hotels, anyone paying for a place to live is still protected by the law.

“Someone staying in a hotel has rights that they shouldn’t have to live in a place or stay in a place with mold or rodents or roaches,” Nesbitt said. 

Nesbitt emphasizes that management needs to be contacted immediately, and the request to remedy the situation should be followed up in writing.

Stiffer laws apply to hotels hosting tenants who live on the property for more than 30 days.