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DENVER (KDVR) — As more county health departments are requiring students to wear masks this upcoming school year, doctors are giving advice to parents about how to properly fit your child with a facial covering.

Vaccinated or not, more school districts are enforcing mask mandates for every student and it’s a decision fully supported by local doctors.

Step one is making sure students are properly equipped.

“To mix vaccinated kids and nonvaccinated kids and not knowing who is protected, we really have to look at what’s going to protect these kids as much as possible,” said Dr. Noah Makovsky with Colorado Kids Pediatrics. 

Makovsky has seen almost twice as many patients in his office for sick visits than years prior. He told FOX31 he believes it’s because kids are in close contact once again enjoying summer break. It’s a spike, he fears could continue if kids don’t properly wear masks in school.

“Previously we would have seen a handful of sick visits but now we are in the neighborhood of 20-50 depending on the day,” said Makovsky.

Dr. Jessica Hui with National Jewish Health fully supports the new mask mandates for students but said the masks must fit properly to actually work.

“One rule that we like to say is, more than one layer,” said Hui. “If you put the mask up to the light you don’t want the light to stream, in you want it to be blocked.”

“I would look at it the same way as putting a seatbelt on,” said Makovsky. “If you don’t wear it the proper way, the tool will not help you if you’re in an accident.”

Doctors suggest avoiding masks with vents or material that make it hard to breathe through. There are surgical masks designed just for kids you can purchase online.