DENVER (KDVR) — The suspected Chinese spy balloon was shot down Saturday over the Atlantic Ocean after President Joe Biden gave the green light.

“I don’t know how advanced that balloon is or what type of things it can gather,” Suisheng Zhao, an international studies professor at the University of Denver, said Saturday.

Zhao said the balloon floating over U.S. skies was like something like out of a movie, but he said he worries it could inflate already looming tensions.

“These are big powers and they need to talk to each other and understand each other’s intentions,” Zhao said.

China claimed the balloon was a weather balloon that went off course, but Zhao said that storyline cannot be trusted.

“I would not trust the Chinese explanation that it’s a weather balloon, but it is huge stuff,” Zhao said.

Efforts to clean up the balloon are underway in the Atlantic.

“I just looked at it. It’s like a moon in the sky. It’s weird, it’s really weird,” Zhao said.