DENVER (KDVR) — The National Weather Service’s severe weather preparedness week just ended in Colorado, but experts say staying prepared extends well beyond one week. With the ongoing threat of strong storms and wildfires in Colorado, preparing now can save a lot of grief.

A big part of the preparedness solution is having and maintaining first aid kits. Nearly half of all Americans do not have first aid kits, according to the CDC.

Brad Greer, CEO of DrySee, stressed the importance of ensuring current kits are properly stocked for the home and car.

Greer is a first aid expert and sells products, including the world’s only liquid-indicating waterproof bandage. The essentials are part of a long list. Other steps can also save lives outside of the traditional first aid realm.

“Have that portable phone charger for your cell phone,” Greer said. “If you lose power in your car or your home, you need to make sure you’re able to use that phone.”

Having some bottled water, snacks, an emergency whistle and wildfire masks can also help at home and in the car. Tire chains are also a good idea for the car. Written plans are also part of the expert advice ahead of a natural disaster.

“Have that [plan] posted in a location where everyone in the family, the household, knows where that plan is,” Greer said. “Have it written up.”