DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver family wants answers after its pickup truck was set on fire and the entire incident was caught on camera.

It happened earlier this month in the Westwood neighborhood in southwest Denver. The case is currently being investigated as arson by the Denver Fire Department.

“Me and my wife work hard, every day, going to work, to buy something nice for ourselves,” Ben Esquibel, the owner of the truck, said.

“We share a lot of good memories in here,” Esquibel said, “you know, it meant everything to me.”

It’s not a bad ride, all the bells and whistles, Esquibel boasts, so it’s hard for him to understand why this happened.

“The whole house was actually sleeping and we were woken up by someone in the neighborhood that heard the boom,” Esquibel said.

“I came outside and seen my vehicle on fire,” Esquibel said.

On March 10, someone callously came to their house on the 900 block of Osceola with ill intent.

“The fire department showed up,” Esquibel said. “They were putting out the fire and he said you should look at your video footage because this was not an accident.”

Esquibel watched as the firefighters put out the blaze.

“The gentleman coming and pouring gasoline on top of the vehicle, in front of the hood,” Esquibel said, “and the gentleman runs back down the alley and he disappears from there.”

The melted gas can was left behind, under the truck, by the person caught on camera.

Even under the watchful eye of his security camera, Esquibel is uneasy after the incident.

“Every noise I heard, I jumped out of bed and ran outside,” Esquibel said. “I couldn’t sleep.”

Esquibel has no idea why someone would set his truck on fire, he said his family keeps to themselves, but he has a message to the person caught on camera, setting his truck on fire.

“I hope justice is served,” Esquibel said. “I hope you get caught and I hope no other family has to deal with this ever again.”

The family said the truck is insured and that a claim has been started.

If you have any information about this case, you can call the Denver Fire Department tip line at 720-337-2828.