EAGLE COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Mandatory evacuations were lifted Sunday night and are now in pre-evacuation status, while previous pre-evacuation orders have been lifted, Eagle County authorities said.

“We cooked our Easter prime rib right here at the camper storage,” Penny Harvey, who had to evacuate her home Saturday said.

Harvey lives in one of the evacuation areas and told FOX31 and Channel 2, that if it wasn’t for firefighters, her home would have been one of the first to be destroyed by the blaze.

“It was literally right across the street. My neighbors stayed to protect their homes,” Harvey said.

Her daughter, Nicole Atencio, captured several videos and pictures Saturday as she went to check on her mom.

“You feel like you are sitting in a bowl of smoke. It’s crazy to see fire that close,” Atencio said.

Atencio watered down her mother’s home before leaving. Harvey said that is when she realized how serious the fire was.

“I got really emotional. I thought I was going to lose my house, I really did,” Harvey said.

She said before they left she grabbed the things most important to her.

“I grabbed my passports cause I love to travel. I took clothes and the dogs. My husband grabbed his crossbow,” Harvey said.  

Harvey is thankful for the firefighters who she said were focused on keeping nearby structures from burning.

“They saved my house. They literally saved my house. Thank you so much,” Harvey said.

Eagle County officials are asking residents to bring proof of residency, as entry is restricted to residents only. Firefighters reported great success in operations Sunday. The fire is at 88 acres, 60% containment, with no structures lost.

According to Eagle County officials, the fire was human-caused and the investigation is ongoing. They stated the incident is not over and officials recommend staying on alert and continuing to monitor for updates. Several crews will be out this evening conducting roaming patrols.