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ESTES PARK, Colo. (KDVR) — For most of Tuesday afternoon, people who live just outside Estes Park have been keeping a close watch on a Kruger Rock Fire burning right outside of town.

So far it has scorched more than 100 acres. Its growth threatens nearby homes and has even forced some evacuations.

The fire started around 7 a.m., just southeast of Estes Park, not far from Hermit Peak and Kruger Rock.

Jim Groth shot this video from his front Porch just after his lights went out.

“It’s disheartening. It could be worse. There are homes out there but not where that fires burning now. They’ve evacuated Little Valley,” Jim Groth said while sharing video he shot from his porch after losing power.

By late afternoon the fire had grown to 115 acres and was threatening homes as it crawled up a sharp ridge.

Notifications were sent out telling people to prepare to evacuate or get out immediately because of the imminent danger.

Steven Johnson began trying to protect his home and evacuate.

“I think we’re definitely concerned the winds might shift and move back this way. It’s always a little bit worrisome because you don’t know if you are going to lose everything or you are going to be OK,” he said.

Richard Kolaski had to evacuate along with his mother, in a hurry.

“I’ve lived in Florida and dearth with hurricanes. Floods in New Jersey. This is a very helpless feeling,” Kolaski said.

Back at Jim Groth’s Home, they’re still trying to figure out if they’ll leave and how all this started in the first place.

What happens next with the Kruger Rock Fire is partly up to Mother Nature.

Investigators said they still are not sure what started the fire, but aircraft have been “ordered” to help battle this fire.

Fire crews said they would for those aircraft to fly tonight, but that will depend on the weather.