EDGEWATER, Colo. (KDVR) — A Colorado family has many questions for the Edgewater Police Department four months after their loved one was shot and killed at a Tesla charging station.

The shooter continues to remain unidentified and uncharged in the case, leaving the family of 33-year-old Adam Fresquez confused and concerned.

“I miss talking to him,” sister Crystal Fresquez said. “What makes it worse is the person who took my brother from us is not being held accountable.”

Officers found Fresquez with fatal gunshot wounds. FOX31 was told the shooter left the scene and later called 911 to turn himself in, claiming self-defense. Fresquez’s family still doesn’t know the identity of the person who killed their loved one.

“I mean, we can probably walk by this man right now. And I wouldn’t know who he was,” Crystal said. “My brother’s identity was released within 48 hours after the crime. I personally feel like this individual has more rights than my deceased brother, who was maced and shot in the back twice.”

Adam Fresquez sits on a couch in a T-shirt, jeans and a cap
Adam Michael Fresquez was killed May 3 after a shooting at a Tesla charging station in Edgewater (Credit: Edgewater Police Department on behalf of Adam Fresquez’s family)

Man maced, shot in the back at Tesla station

The autopsy states Fresquez was reportedly sprayed with mace and shot two times, with gunshot wounds in his upper and lower back. It lists cocaine and fentanyl in his system.

“How does that qualify or justify self-defense? You’ve already disabled him by macing him,” Crystal said.

It’s also raised questions for people outside of the Fresquez family.

“Adam, being a murdered Latino male, is that enough to justify the free roam of his killer, the concealing of their identity and the possible perpetuation of a dangerous man on the streets of our community?” community advocate and Denver Justice Project founder Alexander Landau said.

Information released so far doesn’t explain what happened leading up to the shooting. The Fresquez family told FOX31 they’ve been told there’s partial surveillance, which has been described but not shown to the family.

“What we were told was Adam did approach the assailant with no handgun in his hand as he was approaching the assailant,” Crystal said. “What happened after that? We don’t know. There’s apparently no video footage. But how is there video footage showing that but nothing else?”

Edgewater Public Market shooting
A deadly shooting at a Tesla charging station in Edgewater. is under investigation. (KDVR)

Edgewater police chief responds

Edgewater Police Chief Eric Sonstegard declined to comment on details of potential surveillance footage. He did share the following statement with FOX31.

“I cannot put into words the empathy I feel for Lena and Juan and their entire family over the death of their son. I can’t begin to understand the pain and frustration they have endured waiting for our investigation to conclude. The presentation of a complete and thorough case to the District Attorney’s office remains our highest priority.

“I have personally met with Juan and Lena in person on at least a half a dozen occasions since the shooting. I have also remained in regular email contact providing them, in my opinion, unprecedented access to information considering it is still an open and active homicide investigation. I understand their frustrations and I have shared with them that the presentation of a complete and thorough case to the District Attorney’s Office has always been our highest priority. Some issues such as the releasing of the shooter’s name, while desirable to Adam’s family, do not contribute to the overall goal of making a good case. I am confident that information will be released publicly soon.”

Edgewater Police Chief Eric Sonstegard

Family and community advocates told FOX31 they plan to go to the city council Tuesday to ask for support in getting the investigation moved from Edgewater to the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.