ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — RTD operates light and commuter lines through more than 50 stations in the metro area. Many disabled riders who use train service to get to shopping areas and medical appointments need an elevator to access platforms.

FOX31 received complaints that the elevator at the Englewood station has been broken for three years. The Problem Solvers found RTD is not responsible for making repairs — that task falls on the City of Englewood.

City officials told FOX31 that riders can access the platform by using the Civic Center elevators, but some — like Margie, who uses a walker — told FOX31 the distance is tiresome.

“It is a long way down to that ramp, a long way around the building,” she said.

City officials said the delay is the result of unforeseen complications while installing a fire suppression system and the staff is working with contractors to get the elevator moving as soon as possible.

Staff members held a special meeting on Sept. 12 and said the elevator will be operational by mid-October, which is good news for Margie.

“People with walkers, have canes, even people with baby strollers, it would help them out too,” she said.