DENVER (KDVR) — Englewood Police say a dog was shot and killed for aggressive behavior during a high-risk traffic stop.

Through a press release, officers say the incident happened Thursday in the parking lot at 601 Englewood Pkwy. Officers say they were called out on a report of a “suspect with a gun, who had reportedly threatened another person.”

Then, while ordering the driver out of the vehicle, “an aggressive dog exited the vehicle and charged directly at the officers.”

Police first used a stun gun on the dog and then shot it. The canine was rushed to a nearby veterinarian but did not survive.

Two suspects were taken into custody without further incident. No officers were injured.

“The key issue here,” said James Ponzi, a retired Denver Police Department lieutenant and criminology professor, “was: Did the officer perceive he was about to be bit?”

Ponzi said it would be helpful if a few more details were released in the case.

“I don’t know how the dog got out of the car, but ultimately, the owner is probably responsible for not being able to control the dog,” he said.

An Englewood Police Department Spokesperson said nobody was available on Friday for comment.