Englewood family stuck in Afghanistan, loses contact with airline

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KABUL, Afghanistan (KDVR) — An Englewood man and his family fear they will not be able to return home as scheduled from Afghanistan.

Haroon — we are withholding his last name to protect his identity — was scheduled to return home later in August with his wife and two young girls. But now, that may not happen.

“We are really worried here and scared,” Haroon said from an unidentified location. “We can’t trust anyone because of the Taliban, and now people are getting crazy, and everything is out of control with the government.”

‘We don’t know what to do’

Haroon, of Englewood, sent us video of the chaos at the airport in Kabul.

Haroon most recently worked with RTD. He and his wife went home to Afghanistan to visit their parents.

They are scheduled to return to Colorado on Aug. 28, but now, they have lost all communication with their airline and the U.S. Embassy.

“There is a website for emergencies at the embassy. I filled out the form for each member of my family, but I have not heard anything from them,” Haroon said.

Haroon, pictured on Aug. 16, 2021, and his family were scheduled to return home to Englewood from Afghanistan with his wife and two young girls, but they fear their plans have been upended. (KDVR)

Back in his Englewood neighborhood, we heard from several people who know of other families also stuck in Afghanistan, some of them too afraid to show their faces because they fear for their families lives.

Meanwhile, Haroon’s concerns are growing.

Taliban numbers are increasing. Communicating with government officials that can bring his family home is impossible with the chaos.

“I’m trying to, but it’s really tough at the moment, and we are kind of lost and we don’t know what to do,” Haroon said.

Desperation is growing with every hour that passes. Haroon and his family just want to return to Colorado safely.

We are now working on making sure our elected officials in Colorado know of Haroon and his family.

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