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LAKEWOOD, Colo. — The Colorado Mills mall is set to reopen to the public on Tuesday.

It’s been closed the past six months because of significant damage from a May hailstorm. But now some employees are questioning how safe the mall is and if it’s really ready to reopen.

One employee who doesn’t want to be identified showed a release and waiver she said all employees have been asked to sign before they can enter the mall.

She’s supposed to start work Friday, preparing the store for reopening but is hesitant to sign the waiver.

“The mall has significant damage as a result of the storm,” according to the release and waiver. “I understand that the center is under construction and there are likely to be hazardous or dangerous conditions throughout the center. …

“As consideration for being granted access and entry to this space only … I release Colorado Mills Mall Limited Partnership, Simon Property Group … from any and all liabilities, claims, actions or damages I may incur arising from the relating to my entry of the Center.”

The hazards come from the construction still underway. On Wednesday, dozens of workers were seen on the roof, outside and inside the mall.

“If I’m walking through the door and a construction beam falls on my head, I have no recourse or I can’t file a claim or get my injuries covered by the mall,” the employee said.

She said for her, it raises red flags.

“I don’t think we as employees should be put at risk  or our safety should be put out there just so we can get the store open as soon as possible,” she said while at the same time asking if it’s not safe for employees now, how will those hazards be gone by Tuesday when shoppers are allowed inside the mall.

“When I brought up concern about the waiver, they also suggested I could go purchase a hard hat and safety goggles for when I walk through.”

The employee also showed an email from her store manager that said the mall does not have any restrooms available, outside of the ones in some individual stores.

Simon Property Group did not return calls seeking comment.

On its website, it said its priority is to open as quickly as possible while ensuring a safe shopping experience.​