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BRIGHTON, Colo. (KDVR) – The mother of Elijah McClain said she was cussing underneath her mask in the courtroom when the five defendants facing charges related to her son’s death walked into the court room for their first court appearance.

“It was heart-wrenching to see them and I purposely stared at every last one of them to see if they had the guts to look at me,” said Sheneen McClain.

Monday morning was the first time McClain had seen any of the current and former Aurora police officers and Aurora paramedics who are facing charges in her son’s 2019 death. She said none of them looked at her.

McClain said she was glad she came to the brief hearing, so she could see each of the defendants’ demeanor.

“I tried to sleep as long as I could,” McClain said. “I felt like I had prepared myself before coming here, a few days, so I didn’t have any issues coming here today. I’m ready for the fight.”

The defendants, including three current and former Aurora Police officers and two Aurora paramedics, each waived any oral advisement of the charges against them as well as the penalties that may come.

Harvey Steinberg, an attorney for former officer, Jason Rosenblatt -who was fired from the Aurora Police Department in July 2020 – requested that Rosenblatt not have to participate in urinalysis as part of his bond conditions. The judge approved their request.

Steinberg and the attorneys for Randy Roedema, Pete Cichuniec, and Jeremy Cooper each requested a 45-day allowance to file motions prior to their defendants’ arraignments, and the judge allowed it.

Cichuniec’s attorney also asked for his client to be permitted to travel, and the judge approved.

“It’s not easy to see them ask for certain allowances that they didn’t give my son. It’s not easy to see those supporting them, knowing that they did wrong,” McClain said.