Electronic forensics, cadaver dog experts take the stand in Redwine trial

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DENVER (KDVR) — From cadaver dogs to text messages, experts took the stand to discuss findings Tuesday in the Mark Redwine murder trial.

Dylan Redwine was just 13 years old when he disappeared in November 2012 on a court ordered visit with his dad Mark Redwine.

On Tuesday, electronic forensics expert Patrick Beyer pointed out that Dylan wasn’t very responsive when it came to texts with his father. “Mark texts Dylan way more than Dylan texts mark,” Beyer said. 

The expert got into some texts Dylan sent his brother Corey about his father a couple of months before he disappeared. The texts seem to refer to compromising pictures of their dad.

“From Dylan to Corey: ‘Hey send me those poop pics of papa cause he gave a speech about you guys being a bad example and I want to show him what he really is,’” Beyer stated while reading the text from August 2012 to the court.

Beyer explained that an examination of Redwine’s phone data showed Corey sent the photos to Mark on August 5.

In opening statements, the prosecution pointed to compromising photos as the motive for murder.

After Beyer, human remains detection handling expert Karen Gummin testified about coming to search with her cadaver dog Molly.

“Investigators had collected clothes from Dylan’s father, and they wanted to know if Molly could sniff for odor of human remains,” Gummin said. 

Gummin stated that her dog sniffed a scent of human remains on several items of clothes: a pair of sneakers, jeans, and a shirt.

Gummin said the cadaver dog also detected human remains outside and inside of Redwine’s home and the backseat drivers’ side of Redwine’s truck. She said dogs sometimes do have false alerts and it’s not an exact science.

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