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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — One week after an 11-year-old El Paso County boy went missing, authorities received a new piece of evidence to further the investigation into Gannon Stauch’s disappearance.

FOX31 obtained a copy of this evidence that came from a neighbor’s surveillance camera. Authorities have asked us not to describe or show it yet because it’s a part of their investigation. To ensure we don’t compromise anything in the search for Stauch, we are honoring the sheriff’s office request.

As the search for Stauch continues, investigations centered around the home he was last seen leaving on Jan. 27. Investigators walked inside of the home with gloves and left with evidence bags.

“There’s a lot being done behind the scenes, especially on the investigative side,” said Jacqueline Kirby with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

A few doors down, neighbor Roderrick Drayton did some investigating on his own.

“I couldn’t sleep so I just stayed up and I started looking through [surveillance footage],” Drayton said, adding, “I looked through on my tablet, then I said, ‘Let me look on my TV to be sure.”

Police have asked us not to share what he found yet.

“This is something the investigators are looking into and it would be part of our investigation,” Kirby said.

Drayton took the footage to Stauch’s father, who immediately called detectives.

“He just broke down crying,” Drayton said.

Drayton says detectives were moved by the footage too.

“They said this is the break they needed,” Drayton said.

FOX31 asked the sheriff’s office if they are getting closer to finding answers Monday afternoon.

“I don’t have that answer, I don’t know. But I can say this is being worked tirelessly and we won’t stop,” Kirby said.

FOX31 will share the footage as soon as the sheriff’s office approves.

Detectives are asking anyone with tips or information to call the tip line at 719-520-6666.