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DENVER — An effort to recall Democratic state Rep. Tom Sullivan after his support for a “red flag” law in Colorado is over.

Organizers of the effort confirmed the news on Tuesday.

“While we are pulling the recall today to focus on other essential efforts, Sullivan does not get a free pass,” Kristi Burton-Brown said in a statement. “2020 is the year to oust him.”

Democrats had mobilized in recent weeks to support Sullivan, raising more than $100,000 for the potential recall.

The recall was controversial in many Republican circles. The Republican who lost to Sullivan in the last election, Cole Wist, was against the effort.

Wist slammed the effort again Tuesday.

“The Colorado Republican Party would be wise to learn from this mistake and focus on candidate recruitment, messaging, and fundraising for the 2020 election. It is time to stop this recall nonsense and get to work,” Wist said.

Sullivan, when reached by phone Tuesday, said he “was just about to go put on his walking shoes” to go knock on doors when he heard the news.

“I can rest today,” Sullivan added.

Sullivan said Tuesday he believed he was targeted for a recall because he felt gun rights supporters didn’t like seeing a parent of a mass shooting victim crafting legsislation.

Sullivan’s son Alex was killed in the Aurora theatre shooting.

“They knew that I wasn’t going to go anywhere,” Sullivan added.

While the Sullivan’s recall is over – other recalls might still take place.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners released a statement saying they have “suspended our volunteer and paid-signature gathering efforts in HD-37 in order to refocus our resources on upcoming recalls and legislative battles.”