DENVER (KDVR) — Residents at the Ivy Crossing apartment complex, where someone was killed in a fire Saturday morning, are left with little to nothing.

The effort now begins to help those people get their lives back.

“Thanks to God, we still have our lives, that’s all that matters,” Rosell Acosta, a resident at the apartments, said.

Acosta and his roommate, Josmani Molina, are both immigrants from Cuba.

“It was terrible, the fire, all the smoke, the sacrifice of the police and firefighters,” Molina said.

The men live in a unit on the second floor toward the front of the building.

They said the fire started down the hall from their apartment, and both had to be rescued from their balcony.

“Five or 10 minutes after we were brought down, the flames reached our apartment,” Molina said.

Like others who lived in this building, both men lost everything. They escaped with a phone and the clothes on their back.

“All my clothes, my shoes, money, credit cards, my work equipment, my tv, computer, everything,” Molina said.

One group helping displaced residents is Our Front Porch.

“Basic needs right out of the gate, so new clothing, toiletries,” Maggie Babyak said.

The best way you can help, according to Babyak, is by donating to Our Front Porch, which provides gift cards for the displaced.

Babyak is one of the group’s founders and said it is even providing mental health therapy for victims.

“We do trauma-based work that focuses on the fire, the incident,” Babyak said, “the circumstances surrounding it.”