DENVER (KDVR) — There was a special delivery for little ones made on the floors of Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Saturday.

It was a thankful gesture for Mariah and her dad Christopher who’ve spent a series of days with doctors here.

“We got Easter eggs here … Yep. You will say thank you to everybody?” Christopher said with Mariah in his arms.

“We’ve been here since Tuesday. Rocky Mountain Children’s has been so good to us. We’re going to get home now. We’ve got ourselves healthy. And all the gifts, all the support. We’ve gotten so many toys and so much support from all the staff. We love it here,” Christopher continued with Mariah.

That appreciation from patients and their families make the nurses on the pediatric floor happy to watch the joy on their patients’ faces with this Easter surprise.

“It’s a hard, hard time being in the hospital, especially when the holidays come around and these little treats just kind of lift their spirits, give them something to look forward to, let them be a kid while they’re still in the hospital and partake in these holidays,” pediatric nurse Kelli Ulatowski said.