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DENVER (KDVR) — Teammates of an East High School soccer player who was shot outside the school last week are asking Denver City Council for help. 

“It seems like every other week there’s alarms going off in school where you have to lock the doors and close the windows or evacuate the building, so it’s kind of just a constant feeling of unease at school,” student Zeke Lubin said. 

Last week, Lubin’s soccer teammate, Luis Garcia, was shot outside the school while in his vehicle. Garcia is in critical condition.

“We’re scared. We don’t want to be at school. We don’t feel safe there. It’s not OK. These things need to change,” student Mateo Tullar said.

A young teen smiles for the camera in a button-down shirt
Luis Garcia, an East High School student, was shot outside the school (Photo courtesy of family)

East High students challenge council for help

Lubin and Tullar spoke Tuesday in front of Denver City Council. They are hoping for enhanced security and better education in schools about gun violence.

“We really challenge you guys to do stuff about this,” Tullar said. “We are not able to do anything to defend ourselves. So we need help.”

The students’ message caught the attention of at least three council members, who spoke individually with the group from East High School after public comment ended. They agreed to set up a private meeting to discuss the next steps.

“It’s a brave thing for them to come here and it’s also time for people to act, and people can act and it may not stop it, but we can curtail tragedy,” East High School varsity soccer coach Kirk Bast said.