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DENVER (KDVR) — The community of Denver East High School continued to post and send well wishes to both shooting victims, Eric Sinclair and Jerald Mason.

“I looked up and just saw a ton of officers racing towards the school. I knew something bad had happened,” coach Randy Gallegos, the head wrestling coach at Denver East High School, said.

Gallegos said he is good friends with both Mason and Sinclair and when he realized they were the victims he rushed to Denver Health to see them.

“You wouldn’t think he just went through the trauma he had gone through,” Gallegos said about Mason.

Gallegos said he wasn’t able to see Sinclair because he, at that point, was still in critical condition.

“His surgery was successful but I wasn’t able to see him because he’s sedated. I couldn’t see him but there were teachers and support but hopefully, I can go back tomorrow and see him,” Gallegos said.

He was excited though that he was able to see and pray with Mason who he described as being in good spirits.

“He was very upbeat, he was laughing, he had his family with him,” Gallegos said. “He was thankful for God, I was able to pray for him, it was a great time.”

Mason was able to return home Wednesday evening. Gallegos said everyone is still digesting what happened Wednesday.

“This kid was on a safety plan and they had to search him every day and I guess Mr. Sinclair was searching him and that’s when everything happened,” Gallegos said.

Gallegos is asking everyone to keep both Mason and Sinclair in their prayers. A GoFundMe has been created to help with both their medical bills.

“When you think of East High School. They are the epitome of what East High School is,” Gallegos said.