DENVER (KDVR) — Just days from returning to school after a campus shooting, the Denver East High School community returned to campus to listen to a safety update.

Dozens and dozens of parents packed a room to listen to district officials and law enforcement. The update became heated at times as parents pressed education leaders for answers.

Two weeks ago on Wednesday, two school administrators were shot. Both have since been released from the hospital.

Parent Christine Muggleton said her son, a sophomore, will not be returning to class.
Muggleton said her family had planned on moving to Wisconsin long before the late-March tragedy.

“It’s (school safety) the most massive problem,” she said. “It’s national. It’s not an East High problem.”

‘The kids deserve so much better’

She knows that moving to another state doesn’t necessarily fix the nationwide school safety issue.

“There just needs to be more feet on the ground,” she said. “More people putting impact in. Ideas have to start. You can’t solve a giant problem by saying, ‘It’s too big.’ Let’s do better. The kids deserve so much better.”

East High School officially returns to class on Wednesday.

While her son plans to sit out the remainder of East’s school year, Muggleton still plans to be on campus, welcoming other students back.