DENVER (KDVR) — After a double shooting at East High School on Wednesday, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas spoke to parents who were waiting for their kids to be released from the school.

Many parents were very frustrated and loudly demanded change.

“Protect our children,” one parent yelled.

“We shouldn’t have to be sitting there at home wondering if our babies are going to come home to us every day,” another parent added.

After recent multiple violent incidents, the parents want to know how their children would be kept safe at school.

“I can share with you that there will be two officers in this school for the remainder of the school year,” Thomas said.

“That’s not enough sir,” a parent responded.

The chief and mayor told the group that they would work with Denver Public Schools to make changes, but ultimately any action is up to the school board.

One parent said he planned to take his concerns directly to the board.

“How many kids have to get shot? How many educators? Now we’ve got two deans that have been shot supposedly. How much longer do we put up with this?” he asked.