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DENVER (KDVR) — Beginning at 8 a.m. on July 11, Denver residents can receive a sizeable voucher towards the purchase of a new e-bike or cargo bike. 

All Denver residents will be eligible for a $400 rebate off a qualifying electric bike, with an additional $500 rebate ($900 total) off the purchase of an e-cargo bike. Income-qualified residents can qualify for a $1,200 instant rebate.

At Denver’s FattE Bikes, chief visionary officer Kenny Fischer said the response has been quick. 

“All I’ve been hearing is the phone,” Fischer said. “‘When does it go live, how can I get it? Can I get in line?’ It’s amazing.”

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have risen in popularity in recent years as an eco-friendly form of transportation. But with costs ranging from $2,000-$10,000, reaching low and middle-income families has been a struggle.

Emily Kleinfelter put down a deposit for a FattE Bike Friday, saying the Denver voucher made it possible.

“The rebate was definitely a game changer,” she said. “I mean, happy Earth Day to us, right?”

Kleinfelter uses a traditional bike to get around Denver and said she rarely uses her car anymore.

“I’m going to put some baskets on this, maybe another rack or two, and this is going to end up replacing my car for me,” she said. 

How to get an e-bike voucher in Denver

At FattE Bikes, Kenny Fischer said their bikes start at around $2,000, with various customization options pushing those prices higher.

Fischer is offering an extra $100 off to celebrate and hopes the voucher will allow Denverites who might otherwise not think about e-bikes to get in on the action.

“An income-qualified individual can get our $2,800 cargo bike for $1,000,” Fischer said. “It’s insane.”

Denver residents can apply for a voucher here. Once you have your voucher, simply bring it to your bike purchase for an instant rebate. 

The program is being paid for through Denver’s Climate Protection Fund, which voters approved in 2020. 

The 0.25% sales tax is estimated to raise up to $40 million a year for projects dedicated to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.