DENVER (KDVR) — Electronic bikes are made around the world, but one company makes them by hand in Colorado.

You have definitely seen them. Those bikes with the fat tires and the riders riding seemingly without effort.

In 2017, forward-thinking businesswoman Victoria Brunner wanted to sell e-bikes herself, but with a spin, that the “bikes are built in the U.S.A.”

Brunner’s company, FattE-Bikes, makes its e-bikes in a 7,000-square-foot facility in an industrial neighborhood near Empower Field at Mile High. Starting retail price is $1,995 plus tax.

“The advantage is you get to build the bike of your dreams, you get to custom build a bike to meet your needs, plus we are here for you and so we service our own bikes we get our own parts,” Brunner said.

FattE-Bikes sells between 75 to 100 e-bikes every month. With those numbers increasing, Ken Fischer, Victoria’s husband, said e-bikes are here to stay. 

“Go to the grocery store. Go to work. Go to a friend’s house. Enjoy a ride around the lake effortlessly, go places you would’ve never gone before,” Fischer said.

FattE-Bikes customers get to choose the frame, color, accessories and payment plan, all in Denver.

Business has been brisk lately since the city of Denver has offered an e-bike rebate of up to $1,700. Denver wants you to go green, or blue, or yellow, or red. But do not be in a hurry if you buy one.

“Right now we are telling people four to eight weeks and part of that is because of the rebate has created a huge surge,” Fischer said.

Fischer said if you do not like to pedal at all, get a scooter. E-bikes, he said, are the perfect combination of practicality and pleasure.