DENVER (KDVR) — Signs are posted on City Park’s Duck Lake to stay out of the water for a potentially toxic algae bloom. It can be very harmful to humans and even deadly to pets.

This is the city’s only bloom right now but these things can pop up quickly, especially as the summer gets hotter. And triple-digit heat for this weekend is in the forecast.

This type of algae thrives on warm, still water and loves a lot of carbon dioxide.

Research suggests climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of toxic blooms. The past two years are a good example of this theory.

In 2021, Denver closed water in City Park for the first time due to the algae issue. And in 2020, the algae contributed to a huge fish die-off in Sloan’s Lake.

The main things these poisonous toxins affect are the liver and nervous system. Along with poisoning, you can develop skin sores and irritation.

If anyone or animal ingests or touches the algae or water, a doctor or veterinarian should be called immediately.